Trista Hendren, author, feminist and co-founder of Rapebook, discusses Facebook’s issue of child sex abuse images and human trafficking

Ruth Jacobs

Trista Hendren pic

Trista Hendren is an author and a feminist activist. She co-founded Rapebook, which is a Facebook page set up to campaign against rape humour and other abusive content including child sex abuse images on Facebook. She shares her extensive experience of reporting to Facebook, in particular during the time Rapebook was being hit daily with up to 500 abusive links, comments and messages by attackers who also made rape and death threats.

Trista, can you tell me what prompted you to create the Rapebook page on Facebook and what were the aims of the page?

I noticed that many women I knew via Facebook were having issues over the course of about 2 months. I began to connect the dots and wrote an article that included examples from a variety of women from around the world.

The more I opened my eyes to what was happening, the more frightening…

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