Claiming our Fullness: Bringing ourselves out of hiding

Womb Of Light

Understanding the impact of patriarchal paradigms on women is critical to our full empowerment. It’s easy to take for granted or not fully realize how powerfully the patriarchy has affected how we see ourselves and the world.

In order to survive within a patriarchal society, women have had to internalize beliefs that turn them against themselves. And in order to ensure the survival of their children, they’ve had to pass along those beliefs onto their daughters.

Stardust” Generative Portraits by Sergio Albiac

It’s no wonder why there can be fierce competition between women—we are expected to give up parts of ourselves in order to be accepted by patriarchal values, while at the same time unable to fully suppress our longing for the full experience of our potential. Our full potential lies outside the confines of what the patriarchy has permitted for us.

 We need to transform fierce competition into fierce support.

We may criticize or envy…

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