What if people told European history like they told Native American history?

An Indigenous History of North America

The first immigrants to Europe arrived thousands of years ago from central Asia. Most pre-contact Europeans lived together in small villages. Because the continent was very crowded, their lives were ruled by strict hierarchies within the family and outside it to control resources. Europe was highly multi-ethnic, and most tribes were ruled by hereditary leaders who commanded the majority “commoners.” These groups were engaged in near constant warfare.

Pre-contact Europeans wore clothing made of natural materials such as animal skin and plant and animal-based textiles. Women wore long dresses and covered their hair, and men wore tunics and leggings. Both men and women liked to wear jewelry made from precious stones and metals as a sign of status. Before contact, Europeans had very poor diets. Most people were farmers and grew wheat and vegetables and raised cows and sheep to eat. They rarely washed themselves, and had many diseases because…

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(Poem) picts by Barbara Mor

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Mago Academy picts

they tattooed the animals on

their skins badger hawk bison

boar fox images cruaths of

forests earth ice woad and

blood inked in our flesh and

thus took on their powers

wild horse white-maned herds

of wind of rain pinestorm howls

wolverine bear raven fish mouse

naked among trees and caverns

ancestors the cruaths spread over

their immense bodies constellations

of beasts in the flesh of blue

stars over the universal

imagination of night they hunted

the animals of this dream

owl deer river worm and fire

dragons of vision inside the skull

and thus became their powers

where are noble animals

coyote the wolf  listen

to them howl a long white

spray of utter stars of pure

grief out of night the

nebulae of lost spirits

explodes flows from throats of

animals who cry upward

from the roots of earth

we die the air is extinct

the tribes…

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Psst. The Personal is Planetary. Pass it On.

Transition Times

We are living through a transition in awareness that might be described as the shift between the recognition that “the personal is political” to the recognition that now, “the personal is planetary.”

It’s not enough, anymore, to think about the ways we live our politics in our daily lives.  We urgently need to become aware of how our lives are expressions of our relationship to our planet.

If the personal is planetary, then who we are is deeply indicative of the state of our planet.

Today, the majority of the world’s population lives in cities, almost completely divorced from the natural world.  Most of us have little sense of our relationship to the living planet, since most of our time is spent in artificial, asphalted environments.

Many of us are sick from diseases that are themselves symptoms of our alienation from the planet, our penchant for industrial growth at…

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