Bring Back Our Girls


Bring Back Our Girls


In Nigeria, over 230 school age girls have been kidnapped. It makes me sad every time the thought of that crime comes into my heart.

But some will still say…half way around the globe…why should we care? We have our own problems. Yes, we do have our own problems…and in part…it can be found in that statement. We should care, because if it happened to our daughters…we would want the world to stop spinning. We would want all businesses to halt and all laughter to cease. Can you imagine? They are sitting in a classroom…where many people don’t want them to be anyway, and they are taken. There is no cell phone to call for help. The police aren’t storming in with a swat team…ready to rescue them.

Can’t you almost feel their fear? Can you hear their cries? I can. Anyone who is in touch…

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