Because it is Not Portable


We are moving

A different kind of post today.

Strange as this may be to some, many of my husband’s ¬†and my spiritual practices as pagans ( a catch all term for anyone not practicing one of the three major Abrahamic religions) are tied to the land we live. While we honor and connect through the Goddess, it is our everyday contact with Faery that binds us to our earth religion. We developed and practice a tradition we based on the land we live. It is foremost involved with the nature spirits of the land we stand on, the ancestors of the same land and the ancestors of our bloodlines. We have bloodlines of the northern European people, especially the Celts.

The bloodline traditions are moveable, they reside within us. They are not the foremost part of our spiritual practices. It is easy to follow bloodlines. Following the spirits inhabiting the land is not easy. In Ireland and elsewhere these are often called Fairies. They are nothing like Disney. I have found that the work of R.J. Stewart, John Matthews, Wendy and Brian Froud , even Charles DeLint and current researchers like Carolyn Emerick and several others to be very accurate when understanding our intertwining with them.

The nature spirits that inhabit Texas are very different than the ones in Arizona. If you do find this strange, think about The Trail Of Tears. The forced moving of the Cherokee’s not only caused sickness, hardship and death, it also caused a fracture between them and the land they were immersed in. Their spirituality was not portable. The ways of the woodlands, flora and fauna were integral to their everyday lives which was interwoven with their spiritual lives. Again, nature spirits in Oklahoma are nothing like the ones in Virginia. As a separate race, the Fey, are often very wary of humans. We were suppose to be their partners in preserving the primal blueprint of the land we share with them and all of nature. We as a species have been less then stellar when it comes to holding up our end of this bargain.

John’s and my practices will make adjustments and changes as we are invited and hopefully over time welcomed by these beings. And time it will take. They are not in any hurry. Time moves differently for them. It is the job of humans to meet them on their terms. In some ways this is the hardest part of moving. We will be uncomfortable for awhile.

Our religion is nature. It is our church and all land is holy ground for us . Our acceptance must be earned. We are willing.

Blessings to all.